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What is layflat hose

What is Layflat Hose? - (Shared from

Layflat hose is made from PVC. As the name suggests one of its key properties is the hose’s ability to be laid flat for storage purposes; they are used for the delivery of water in roles such as construction or irrigation; when it is not easy to transport water.

There are some key features of layflat hose, these include:


  • Flexibility – the PVC that our layflat hoses are made from means they are extremely flexible and resistant to kinks this allows for easy compression when not in use. Therefore, layflat hose is ideal for storage and transporting as well as being user friendly.


  • Resistance – the combination of woven yarn reinforcements and an inseparably fused inner and outer wall makes these hoses resistant to most oxidizing and reducing agents as well as diluted acids and alkalis. The features also help to avoid the onset of rotting and helps avoid abrasion – this means the lifespan of a layflat hose is very long. We can also use layflat hose as an over sleeve for protection due to its makeup.


  • Lightweight – although layflat hoses are strong and durable, the way they are made means they are lightweight and as such easy to use and transport. Layflat hoses have a collapsible design which means that storing and getting them out is easy and simple. This means they are ideally suited to irrigation in industries such as farming or construction.


Another area where a layflat hose can be well utilized is that of flood clean up, when used in tandem with a water pump. The water pump sucks up water from the flooded area, and then a layflat hose is used to discharge this to a safe area or flood plain that is often several hundred meters away. Layflat hoses can be joined together quickly and easily with lever lock couplings – these allow you to create the perfect length of hose for the task you need it for.


Available in a variety of densities, length sizes, our layflat hoses combine excellent quality with a budget –friendly price tag to suit every industry requirement. Speak to us today if you require more information about how a lay flat hose could help you with a range of tasks.


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