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At Nylon Tubes and Coils, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality. From the initial concept to the final product, our attention to detail is second to none. In an ever-evolving industry, Nylon tubes and coils has set the bar for innovation and delivery. We are South Africa's premier PVC and Nylon hose manufacturer


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We manufacture a large range of PVC hose/ pipe and Nylon tube products in various colours, diameter, thickness, and length options. The large majority of our product offering is nontoxic. In addition to the above we hold SABS approval on various products in our catalogue. For each product detail and specifications please click on our products menu option above. We manufacture and supply the following products:

PVC hose and pipe

Suction and delivery hose, these include HD Heavy duty suction hose, MD Medium duty suction hose, HX Standard duty suction hose, Food grade suction hose, Ducting suction hose, Seeder suction hose, Flexi suction hose. Mining hose in various colour offerings. Dragline; including, our now industry famous, blue bore dragline. Reinforced and unreinforced Industrial clear hose. Fire reel hose. Layflat hose. Garden hose. Fuel hose. Air and water hose. LPG Gas hose.

Nylon PA12 tubing

Nylon PA 12 includes tubing and hose for use in Industrial, automotive, and manufacturing settings such as: machinery tubing, instrumentation tubing, Pneumatic (Air) tubing, food grade nontoxic tubing, Coiled tube, and Suzi coils.

PU Polyurethane Tubing

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